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Heat times three

I like chillies, and I like the trio,these are definitely one's I will buy again. They are good quality and very good value for your money.
I have no hesitation in recommending your company to my family and friends.

A lovely surprise.

I really enjoyed this product,it gave you a lovely tickle at the back of your throat,my friend who is from Tokyo absolutely loved it. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to my family and friends very good quality and very good value for your money.

You can't beat a bit of Heat

I like my food that has heat included, when ever I go to the supermarket, most of the time they have run out, now I know that I can get my chillies, I will definitely be ordering again. Very good quality and very good value for your money. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to my family and friends.

Hot stuff

Great sauce lovely flavour

Lovely stuff

Never had anything like it , very fruity and HOT!! Very good quality indeed.

Chilli Mash smashes it!

I have been looking everywhere for a high quality chilli puree / sauce. And here it is at long last. Beats every chilli sauce I've ever had. It will last me ages . Keep up the good work.

Great Chillies

Good service and the chillies are always fresh and crisp, I make cowboy candy with them and they are delicious .


Bought for my stir frys and makes such a difference

Fresh Naga 1kg

Nice fruity and flavoursome. Great value for money. Perfect for making sauces, Naga pickle or even just to put in curries. I dried some out and use them in my cooking for a nice spicy kick.

I love spicy food and it’s a joy to discover the One Stop Chilli shop on Instagram and I’m loving it. The Naga chilli has a fruity taste and I like it so so much

Top Notch 👌🏻

I would like to said Carolina Reaper Chilli Mayonnaise is amazing and my husband love it. He used it for his chicken fajitas 😋. Highly recommended and will buy again from you again.

Kind Regards
BeeLeng Chua

Amazing Jalapeños

The best jalapeños we have ever had. Will definitely be buying more, made poppers with cream cheese yummy.

Always deliver!

Order all my fresh chillies from these guys, and they always deliver. This order was full of plump, gorgeous Scotch Bonnets and not a single one of them was in anything but great condition.

Fell in love with this in Rwanda

I watched an episode of Hot Ones with Kristen Bell and she mentioned Akabanga, I immediately thought, can I get this in the UK?
YES! I ordered 6 bottles :D
It's all the spice I need (except maybe for the odd Naga curry!)


Worth the money.Very tasty,had it with chicken.would highly recommend.

As good on its own as cut with mangos puree

Really good flavour and heat...drizzled on my eggs or mixed into some mango puree and basted on chicken before cooking for a sweet heat.

What a great product

A great product and I will order it again! It saved me lots of time not having to peel the ginger still giving me all the flavor, brilliant.


Excellent quality chillies, well packaged. My 500g order came in at a generous 600g. My 1st order with this firm and will definitely use them again.


Ordered some green jalapeños, arrived within days and they are the best jalapeños I’ve seen so big and deep green in colour and how a jalapeño should look.
Thank you chilli mash, as always.

Amazing variety

I love using these yellow fireflames, they match amazing with chicken 🐔


Received today and highly recommend it nice and hot the flavour is beautiful if your gonna buy get the bigger jar

Nice and hot

Maybe not as sweet or aromatic as the Scotch Bonnets, but still have a good flavour and are really pokey for a yellow chilli.


This chilli sauce is so fresh and delicious, packs a nice warming heat with a lovely flavour.

Something Different

Really enjoyed this product once used to dunk in you can’t stop. Has a bit of a kick but not as hot as you think it might be. An easy recommend purchase from me

Hot hot hot!

One of the hottest chillis, the Scotch Bonnet (and the puree made from them), is one of my favourites. Especially good in Caribbean dishes, soups, etc.