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One of the best!

Rwandan coffee is undoubtedly the best coffee I have ever tasted. This Imisozi coffee is no exception. I highly recommend it!

Tasty and Versatile

Combining sweetness with a mild chilli flavour, this product is a definite 'must-have' for someone like me! I eat it every day on savoury biscuits but also it goes well as an accompaniment to main courses: fish, especially Salmon, or equally well served with cold or cooked meat. Highly recommended!

Lovely fresh and healthy chillies. Promptly delivered but with a damaged box. However the problem was dealt with quickly and efficiently. I will not hesitate to reorder again.

Scotch Bonnet Chilli Mash

Exceptional taste, flavour and consistency.The hotness hits you beautifully and is rather addictive.I have been a fan of Scotch Bonnet Chilli Mash for over 10 years now, you absolutely cannot get anything like this in the shops, as nothing measures up to it.

1st class produce at a even better price, quality, quality all the way

Best on the market place would not shop anywhere else

Crushed birdseye chilli flakes

Excellent heat I like to grind mine down to a powder great for using as condiment on everything, must buy

Really nice fruity very hot sauce much hotter than supermarket little bottles good stuff I'll be buying again definitely 🥵

Spice up things in a good way

If you like or you know someone who like spicy food this is for you I like spiciness and my day got way better

Great gift for a chilli lover

Bought as a present but I’m told they are actually hot (from someone who likes a lot of spice) and because they are made from puréed chillies they are full of flavour.

Great gift idea for chilli head

Such a great gift idea, my sister will love it for Christmas, pots are a little small but I don't think that will matter as by the sounds of it a lot won't be eaten at a time, had an issue with delivery management sorted it out instantly with no problem at all.

A must for chilli lovers looking for the next level!

Bought this for me partner and thought it would be another disappointing product that boasts about being hot but in reality isn’t.... I was wrong! The heat is instant and this product is right to have a warning on it to use with caution! Don’t be fooled by the size of the jars even though they are small you really won’t want a lot of the chilli purée making it good value for money

Fresh Carolina Reaper Chilli | Chilli Mash Company | World's Hottest Chilli

An All-Rounder

Very good on its own, but also great for making all kinds of sauces.

Jam pack

Gave as a gift to a friend who loves chilli. He was very happy

Nice and hot

I can honestly say if you are looking for a sauce which is nice and hot then this is the best I have found.

Problem but fixed Very promptly

There was a delay ( not the chilli company fault ) . I spoke to their staff which were super helpful and said they would resend the order no problem when the fresh batch arrives, very professional and helpful , have used this company many times before and it’s always top quality and the product is great .. thank you

Superb chillies

Great quality chillies once they arrived


Good quality, well packaged, just what I needed

Very happy

I’ve ordered fresh chilies off a few online company’s and they usually have already started to mould. These Chiles came like they had just been picked off the plant and were very big and juicy. Won’t be going anywhere else in the future.

Best raspberry chilli jam ever!

The level of chilli is balanced just right with a real fruity raspberry flavour. For me, it is the best combination I have ever tasted of these two essential ingredients. So I give it a top score and highly recommend it!

Super fresh.

Ordered Jalapeño and Scotch Bonnet chillies. When they arrived I was delighted with their freshness. Even the ethnic shops in Brixton don’t have them that fresh.

Fresh and fast

Good quality chilli delivered very quickly at a decent price.

Yellow Habanero Chilli | 1kg | Chilli Mash Company

Fresh Carolina Reaper Chilli | Chilli Mash Company | World's Hottest Chilli

Convenient and Handy

Pepper when you need it without the hassle of blending or chopping it. It comes in handy without a major loss in taste.